David Vargas

asheville massage therapist

LMBT #15377

I graduated from the Florida School of Massage in 2004 and earned a Bachelor’s in Health Education from the University of Florida in 2009. My family and I recently moved to Asheville and are loving being close to nature and the awesome vibe of this unique community. 

When receiving massage from me, expect to be treated like an honored guest. I have practiced massage for 10 years in physical therapy, chiropractic and spa settings. My technique is influenced by the principles of Ortho-bionomy, a reflex based approach to unlock the body’s own self corrective intelligence, and Tai Chi, a meditative martial art system, creating a blend of luxurious spa massage mixed with the specificity and effectiveness of clinical massage. I pride myself on keen listening skills and the ability to effectively and gently treat acute and chronic injuries. I believe wholeheartedly that massage and bodywork should be accessible to everyone regardless of their situation. I am very excited to provide therapeutic touch, education and heart-centered presence for the amazing guests at Urban Exhale.  Reiki II Certification.