Escape in the Heart of the City

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Jade Orchid Massage

Escape into the ultimate retreat; a secret tropical garden tucked away in the clouds of downtown Asheville, where our highly-trained therapists will create a signature, integrative massage experience, tailored to your specifications, utilizing hot Jade Gemstones, hot towels and essential oils.

Individual Massage: 
60 min/$150
90 min/$200
120 min/$250

Couples Massage: 
60 min/$300
90 min/$400
120 min/$500

Integrative Massage: Exhale

Our unique, customized massage utilizes all the training of our highly-skilled therapists to craft an exceptional therapeutic experience, designed to address each client’s changing needs and pressure levels. Include an enhancement to elevate your desired journey.

Individual Massage: 
60 min/$120
90 min/$170
120 min/$220

Couples Massage: 
60 min/$240
90 min/$340
120 min/$440

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Garden Oasis Couples Massage

Urban Exhale’s Ultimate Experience – Our signature Jade Orchid Couples Massage in our stunning Garden Oasis treatment room. Escape to your very own tropical retreat with flowing water, lush tropical plants and a plethora of colorful orchids in this ultimate experience. Our highly skilled therapists will treat you and your loved one to a customized massage experience including the luxurious enhancements of Hot Jade Stones, Hot Towels, and Essential Oil Aromatherapy. This combination is the best of Urban Exhale!

60 min/$360
90 min/$460
120 min/$560

*Can be offered for single massages upon request.

Thai Massage: Slow Flow

Our traditional Thai massage is a full body treatment combining yoga style stretching, acupressure along the energy lines of the body and rhythmic motion to release muscle tension, improve flexibility and create a deep sense of calm and well-being. This treatment is time to escape from your day to a tranquil place where you can reconnect your mind and body with your spirit. *Thai massage is performed on a tradition Thai mat with pillows and bolsters. Thai Massage is a fully clothed service. We recommend loose fitting, comfortable shirt & pants for receiving Thai massage.*

Individual Massage: 
90 min/$170
120 min/$220
150 min/$270

asheville massage therapist treating client with thai massage
asheville massage therapy spa treatment client

Prenatal Massage: Happy Place

We love to help expectant mothers find their balance. Our skilled therapists will customize a prenatal massage that soothes and relaxes, while addressing the changing physical needs created by pregnancy. Performed on a specialized pregnancy massage pillow that allows the client to lay face-down, this massage strives to return each expectant mother to her happy place.

Individual Massage: 
60 min/$120
90 min/$170

*Can be offered in a Couples Massage appointment.

Ultimate Exhale

“When time is not an issue, the best work is done.”

Originally designed, in part, to address the unique needs of professional athletes, this integrative massage utilizes a wide variety of modalities to systematically treat many muscle-groups usually overlooked in a shorter session, while simultaneously integrating techniques designed for relaxation and stress relief.  This balanced approach helps address the body, mind and spirit of those who push themselves to the extreme. Weaving meditative flow with deep tissue and sports massage, and adding in heat enhancements of hot stones and hot towels, this extraordinary experience is like no other. 

Individual Massage: 
150 min/$270

180 min/$320


*Not available in Couples Massage

asheville massage therapy spa treatment client
asheville massage therapy spa stones


Hot Jade Gemstone Add-On- Include a hot jade gemstone treatment as an exceptional enhancement to our “Exhale” or “Happy Place” Massages. Therapists heat green jade gemstones to the perfect temperature, then slide the warm, oiled stone over the body to sooth and relax tired muscles and help melt away stress.  $20

Hot Towels Add-On- Include hot towels with our “Exhale” or “Happy Place” massages to enhance relaxation and help reduce pain and soreness. This warm and soothing treatment encourages muscles to release and often allows the therapist to work deeper in a more relaxing way.  $20

Cupping  Add-On- This unique therapy is an exceptional addition to our Exhale Massage, especially for active clients who need relief from sore, aching muscles. Therapists use specialized suction cups to create negative pressure, helping facilitate the bodies ability to reduce stiffness and inflammation.  $20