Kristen Anderson

LMBT #10361

My journey of self-discovery began by leaving my home state of Georgia to attend massage school in Sedona, Arizona in 2007. By learning about the complex, intelligent nature of the human body and its innate capacity to heal when supported, nourished, and reconnected to a balanced sense of Self, a deep love of natural healing was awakened within my awareness.

In 2010, I ended up returning to the east coast, landing in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Here, I have studied and practiced a variety of healing arts modalities including holistic herbalism, yoga, and Ayurveda, each serving as a transformative element in my life. I am currently earning a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I consider myself a forever-student with an insatiable hunger to better understand the body/mind complex and ways in which we may achieve true vital health within our entire being.

At Urban Exhale, my goal for each massage I give is to understand my client’s needs and desires and to do my best to customize the session accordingly. Techniques typically included are long fluid strokes to induce a deep state of relaxation, deeper strokes & compression (as needed & desired) to help relieve chronic tension, gentle rocking and stretching, and marma point therapy (similar to acupressure, in the Ayurvedic tradition).

When I am not practicing or studying, I may be tending my garden, hiking with my family, dancing, reading, or dreaming of adventuring in far-away lands.