Faith Enuol

asheville massage therapist

LMBT #19946

I’m thrilled by the project of knowing ourselves and living more heart-centered lives. I’m a passionate and creative person who loves to learn about the body, the natural world, philosophy, art and consciousness. My background is as a massage therapist for over 10 years with advanced training in Medical Massage, Somatic Education and Shiatsu. I deeply respect the body and the power of our inner-knowing to help guide us towards health and well-being. I offer integrated massage techniques drawing from my study of the body from Eastern and Western perspectives, including nervous system holding patterns, meridian lines, and the neuromuscular system. My work is about promoting flow within the body, stimulating relaxation, and freeing up the body’s resources to heal itself. For me, to practice bodywork is to listen deeply to the body and bring consciousness to the processes of life inside of you. I help clients to develop more self-awareness and allow them to connect with their inner healer. 

I graduated from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia in 2009, and have an undergraduate degree in Social Thought and Political Economy from Umass-Amherst. I began my massage career in a chiropractic office, and have also worked at a senior center, in private practice and in spa settings. I recently relocated to Asheville and am a student at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, where I am studying a classical approach to Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, bodywork, qigong and herbology.