Sebastian Raterman

LMBT #17368

After growing up in Florida I came to find my home in these luscious mountains over a decade ago. Life unfolded, opening me to work with amazing teachers and discover my path. Learning Tai Chi and then unfolding into massage, I continue to be amazed at the incredible power of the body and our life within it.

In our sometimes busy and goal oriented modern paradigm, I enjoy helping others come back to themselves. Relaxing mind, settling back into body. With ease and comfort. Long flowing strokes to help us let go and rediscover deep capacity within. Specific intricate, and sometimes deep work to invite movement within stagnation, easing into greater balance. Sometimes just the right touch along a tightened fascial plane can unwind us toward standing within our integrity in ways we’d somehow forgotten, possibly without even realizing it.

We all greet life in different places and stages, weathering many changes. And I offer my presence and skills to honor wherever we happen to be right now, whatever that is. Slowing down to listen as our paths join for a time. A firm, or a gentle touch, acknowledging balance. Offering nourishment to move forward with centered awareness to wherever our way may lead.