Sarah Arnold

LMBT #21081

Hey y’all! My name is Sarah [she/her] and I believe massage is an integral part of caring for yourself. Mind, body and spirit.

Having seen the first hand effects of chronic pain is what called me to become a massage therapist. I have seen what a powerful tool massage can be in creating a better quality of life. Bringing an intuitive sense to my work I fully attend to each person’s needs, interweaving clear presence with practiced skill. I am a graduate of The Center for Massage and Natural Health here in Asheville, North Carolina.

I am committed to providing personalized, integrative care to each person, tailoring my treatments to address specific concerns and promote relaxation and healing. With my warm and compassionate demeanor, I create a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for all people who seek my gifts.

All bodies and all souls deserve to be treated well and I strive to be a safe person at a safe gorgeous oasis, where any person can seek healing, relaxation, and time to center themselves. Whether you’re looking for a deeply indulgent experience, help with pain and injuries, or just some tension relief I am able to meet you where you are on your journey.