Myan Lane

LMBT #21132

My massage journey began in 2013 with the inception of a career in healing arts business management. I’ve spent the last decade working behind the scenes, supporting massage therapists and healing arts practitioners in offering their services to the world. Since early 2021, I’ve continued this great service as Spa Manager for Urban Exhale, but now, I too am able to share my gifts through the service of massage therapy and healing arts.

In my journey of life, I’ve developed a deep fascination with consciousness, trance states, and the creation of sacred spaces attuned to healing. This fascination has led me to become a licensed massage therapist, sound healing practitioner, and quantum healing hypnotherapist.

My massage practice includes rhythmic flowing strokes focused on lulling your nervous system into peaceful states of relaxation so that restful remediation of the mind, body and spirit may take place. I am a careful listener, exceptionally detail oriented, and profoundly caring towards my clients. I am honored to offer my gifts as service to you.