Micah Haines

asheville massage therapy spa owner Micah Haines

LMBT #16475

It took many years of self-discovery to find that I’m truly happiest while  in service to others.  

When I first became a massage therapist in 1995, I  was 21, a bit selfish, and thought of massage as a pleasant job that paid the bills but didn’t answer my emotional desires.  

Only after learning to meditate a decade later, did I finally begin to see how blessed I was to have a skill that helps relieve other beings suffering, while also allowing me to meditate & cultivate inner peace and loving-kindness. As my meditation practice became stronger, I began to bring my mind to meditative silence during sessions, instinctively recognizing that what I thought about during the massage directly and indirectly effected the overall experience and outcome.  This dedication to “silent massage” in my practice facilitates a rare energetic connection to the client. In short, “I” dissipate so that you may be free to receive. Within the purity of this connection, balance may be restored and space is created for peace & serenity to take root.

After 25 years and over 15k hours of table time, I’m so happy and grateful to still find deep love and connection to the art of massage and its ability to provide relief from suffering on so many levels. I always strive to do my best from moment to moment and bring a highly-tuned, uniquely intuitive massage to each client interaction. My practice has naturally evolved into an Integrated Massage specialty, combining a number of modalities including, but not limited to Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger-Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Resisted Stretching.