Leslie Rogers

LMBT #19718

What a thrill and an honor it is to practice massage therapy. My experience with the human body began as a dancer at the young age of 3. Learning about how to move, stretch and listen to my body has been a lifelong journey. I carry this knowledge and experience into my massage practice through stretching, relaxing flow, joint mobilization and focused presence.

Obtaining my massage licensure felt like a natural transformation of my understanding of body mechanics and flow. My swedish style, relaxation massage incorporates trigger point release, acupressure, targeted deep tissue work, and myofascial release.
My goal for each massage is to listen to the body on my table and let it guide me, nurturing the spirit as well as the physical needs. I believe that the emotional lift from a massage is just as important as the physical healing. I’m so thrilled to have found my massage home at Urban Exhale.