Kimberly Hauer

LMBT #19635

I believe the best pathway to good health is an open mind. There is no one-size-fits-all method to healing. I respect a person’s unique journey and offer deep listening. Sessions with me are effective because I work within the client’s comfort level and focus on their goals for the day. My style of manual therapy combines different modalities and pressure depending on individual needs. I am currently proficient in Swedish & Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Trigger-point Therapy, Myo-fascial Release, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Thai Yoga Bodywork. I am able to address multiple health concerns, communicate and plan treatment with care & attention to detail for maximum results.

Before studying anatomy & physiology at CUNY, I trained w/ Yee’s Hungga International Kung fu Association for 5 years, earned 2 martial arts certificates and gained valuable insight regarding body mechanics & Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve been attuned in Reiki with the Usui Shiki Ryoho Association System of Natural Healing since 2013. I am a firm believer in the practice of meditation & listening to one’s intuition. I think touch, breath, and movement based therapies are incredibly powerful tools, especially when integrated over time.

With respect for both traditional and modern medicine, I always advocate for evidence-based science & peer-reviewed research. I have been a registered member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2014, and consider myself a healthcare professional. I obtained my license to practice massage therapy from the NY State Board in 2016, which requires a minimum of 1,000 hours of classroom learning & rigorous standards of excellence. I’ve practiced massage in hospitals, clinics, spas, sports facilities, wellness centers, and in private homes and offices.

My experience in New York City gave me a rare opportunity to work with a very diverse range of people from all walks of life. Be them a billionaire or houseless human being, extreme bodybuilder or those experiencing severe disability or illness, I learned to look upon everyone the same; with empathy, compassion, & loving kindness.

I moved down to Asheville in 2020 during the pandemic to continue my healing & holistic studies in herbalism, mycology, and permaculture. I absolutely love it here and continue to be amazed by our beautiful surroundings. I’m so grateful for the chance to serve such an amazing community of like minded nature enthusiasts and everyone who visits us at Urban Exhale. Thanks for finding your way here!