Emily Rowe

LMBT #18460

I attended the wondrous Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. There I was divinely challenged to learn about the history of massage and the multitudes of technique, modality, and healing benefits. The energetic body was studied and given precedence at times which profoundly enhanced my skills and understanding of this practice. I studied cranio sacral massage, acupressure, the chakras and meridian lines. I learned to feel, follow, and release fascial tissue. I observed postural deviations and the influence of muscles, bones, and joints. I memorized so many muscles, bones, and joints. I learned how to address concerns and tailor sessions to meet the needs of my clients. I deepened my understanding of the sacredness of ourselves. Our individuality. Our sameness. 

I believe that massage is an excellent form of meditation both for the giver and the receiver. The invitation to drop into a deep level of awareness of body sensations is, of itself, very healing. And both persons actively listening and feeling in this relaxed state is a beautiful example of co-creating harmony. I am honored to share what I have learned and to journey in this way with people. The healing and growth that takes place is everlasting and profoundly impactful.