Daniel Gingras

asheville massage therapist

LMBT #17854

I began my journey as a healer by practicing poetry, an art that allowed me to heal by practicing reflection and awareness. I was (and continue to be) inspired by nature, and the way that it speaks without words, choosing rather to express by seasons, by trees, by weather, and by animals. Poetry never quite matched the direct experience that nature provides. I sought other paths to come closer to nature. After graduating college with a degree in Biomolecular Studies I took to the road, traveling around the United States for a year, witnessing other people’s ways of life and drawing inspiration from them to cultivate higher levels of compassion.

My journey brought me to becoming a LMBT by the simple act of receiving a massage myself. After one particular session on Orcas Island, I felt so nurtured, supported, seen, and respected as an individual that I decided if I made people feel as I did then, then I would be having the impact I intend to have on the world. I had found the deeper way of communicating I had been looking for, a form beyond words, a form akin to nature. Shortly after, I began attending Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork where I was taught to consider massage as an opportunity to touch consciousness itself. My sessions combine presencing with elements of Swedish, Lomilomi, and Advanced Bodywork Techniques. I think of massage as peace work, and am thankful for the opportunity to share my practice with you.