Christina Cunningham

asheville massage therapist

LMBT #19869

As a trauma-sensitive bodyworker, I assist humans to feel comfortable in their own bodies and empowered to take deep care of themselves.

Wellness pro for 20 + years, I was compelled to start my personal healing journey because I had my first episode of deep burnout when I was only 18 years old. I was utterly exhausted and deeply disconnected from my body, but I was also determined to learn how to heal.

What changed everything for me was healing my wounds of disconnection through receiving regular bodywork and cultivating personalized self-care.  This consistent commitment allowed me to feel safe, increased my resilience and allowed me to respond to the stress of life with more energy, courage, self-compassion and wisdom.   And it also became my professional mission and purpose to help others do the same.  

Within an integrated Massage Therapy session, I use an embodied approach and each session is customized based on your desired outcomes. It may include Swedish massage, deep tissue, joint mobility, facilitated stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and BodyMind awareness techniques.