Cedar Hart

asheville massage therapist

LMBT #18417

It is my belief that touch is profound nourishment to all levels of a person’s system and I bring this awareness into my massage practice. I cultivated this belief through personal practices of Contact Improv dance, yoga, and other movement meditations. As a lifelong student, I am constantly learning about the wonders of the Parasympathetic nervous system and its response in myself and in others. This is what led me down the path of becoming a licensed massage therapist.

In my massage sessions, my clients often experience deep states of relaxation, sometimes to the point of sleep. My sessions include long Esalen-style strokes, gentle rocking, and deep listening. My touch communicates nourishment and safety so that your nervous system can drop in and fully let go. In addition to my relaxation techniques, I am well-versed in deep tissue and trigger point therapy. I integrate all of these techniques to meet you in the moment in the most therapeutic way. 

Massage is a loving kindness meditation and through my service, I support the body, mind, and spirit in orienting towards health and wholeness.